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Beagles in Agility


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FLORIDA BEAGLE AGILITY TEAM.  We are proud to have a few Windsong beagles among this very talented group.  We are proud of these very dedicated owner/handlers working towards truly versatile beagles with titles on both ends of their names.


from top left to right

Linda A. Wood with hat -
beagle on left - 'Chip' - Windsong Navan Music of the Night
right - 'Holly' - CH Windsong Breakfast at Tiffanys

Michelle Mauro
beagle on left - 'Misty' - AGII Misty Mist Velocibeagle WW-RA NJP NAP
beagle on right 'Milo'

continuing below bottom left to right

Susan Armstrong, L.T.Beagles
'Charm' - Lo-Del's Gold Charm of L.T., (NA, NAJ) CGC

Katrina Walters
'Max' - Skylands Bugle Boy AX, AXJ, CGC, OAC, OJC, NCC, TG-N
2nd place in Open JWW 16"" both days

Jan Weiher
'Echo' - CH MACH Echo Run Hare-Raiser

Carol McElroy on far right
dog on right - Jessie, AX,MXJ
dog on left lap
'Oliver' - Ch. Windsong Tripleplay, NA
Oliver got a 3rd place in Open JWW on Sunday.


Windsong Navan Music of the Night TD, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC, TDInc, READ
(Intermountain Therapy Animals), beautiful photo by Furry Fotography

CH, Intl Ch. Windsong Breakfast at Tiffanys TD, NAJ, CGC, TDInc, READ
(Intermountain Therapy Animals), beautiful photo by
Furry Fotography





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