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Breeding Program

My breeding program consists of a sound base in the old Kings Creek lines through breeding stock from Nancy Vanstrum-Cannon, and her Navan Beagles. I had experimented with other lines over the years, basically starting over twice, and simply could not either get the consistency of quality I was looking for, or ran into too many health issues I did not wish to deal with. Into the Kings Creek blend.  We were offered the addition of a lovely bitch by the name of Ch. Golden Wings Ubu Is MyJoy, upon the death of her owner Mary Jane Evans of MyJoy Beagles.  Special thanks has to go to Christine Lennon her breeder, for allowing Ubu to come to us for her last litter, and then retire to Christine's sofa.  Ubu was sired by Golden Wings Caped Crusader, a lovely son of Ch.Meadow Crest Nik O Tyme. Her dam was the Ch.Temateki's Batteri Not N'Cluded, a top producing daughter of Ch.Brantwood Buglair Bandit. Her final litter was sired by Ch.Navan John-T Red Rascal, and gave us two puppies that continue to be a big cornerstone of everything we have today.  This special lady was one of the oldest we ever went back and hip x rayed. having done so simply due to her soundness into advanced age, and the number of good hip scores on her descendents. We were delighted to be called with the news that she had cleared OFA with an Excellent at 12 years of age!  I still even today feel her worth is impossible to measure, as I can see her attributes even in her great grandchildren.  She was a true foundation bitch that are the things breeders dreams are made of. 

Upon the death of Nancy Cannon, we acquired a male I had long admired sitting in her kennel by the name of Ch.Navan Fanwoods Ambassador, and a female by the name of Ch. Navan's Shaggin On The Blvd, among others. Ambassador was 9 yrs old on arrival and had never been used due to so many more famous beagles in the kennel. A shame as he had an exquisite old pedigree, and was a lovely old type. He had OFA Good hips, CERF normal and Thyroid normal at 9 yrs. We produced Champions in every litter he ever sired, with him and one of the dams making the top producers list with his first litter. It was unfortunate that we did not have more time with him, but those few we had from him he made count. The lovely bitch Ch.Navans Shaggin On The Blvd also was OFA Good, CERF Normal and Thyroid normal. She has consistently produced puppies of exquisite old type, and we have been thrilled with her progeny, and her old Kings Creek look stamps itself even today into her grandchildren. "Bama" was an NBC Top Producing dam in 2003.  Since the Kings Creek is so tightly linebred as Nancy bred with it, we felt it was time for an outcross. Finding something that would "nick" with this line has taken a bit of determination and working carefully, as we did not want to add anything that was not as equally sound, produced consistently, and showed the same health into advanced old age.

Over the years, I have found myself steering more and more to certain beagle traits. I loved a dog who showed intelligence and a willing to please personality. I also found that I did still like to take beagles out to run on acreage and look for bunnies, so my love of the hunt instilled as a youngster is still very much there. I also had made some friends in obedience, agility, and some doing field work. It was a this point that in looking at these friends and their successes with beagles, that I decided I wanted my beagles to be beautiful, versatile, sound, and intelligent enough for me to work at anything I threw at them. What better way to prove your breeding program than by having dogs with ability in many areas of competition. These were my thoughts at the time, but they really did not amount to anything until by luck, we acquired a lovely bitch sired by Ch. Harnetts Candle In The Wind, out of an Australian dam. She had a wonderful calm intelligence, great temperament, and a lovely sound body of old type that just is not seen much anymore. We selected Ch.Harnetts Gainsborough as her mate to bring in a more feminine head, and add the attributes of the Echo Run, long known for its intelligence, sound movement, and ability in field and agility. Special thanks to Ann Roth of Harnett Hounds for suggesting this special girl for our breeding program.  We produced 2 puppies and I am working hard with this tiny branch to bring versatility into my line.

Special thanks has to go to Carol McElroy and all her hard work in taking the very talented Ch.Windsong Tripleplay into all these arenas of her expertise. We have been very proud to have Carol and Oliver representing us in field work at the Aldie Triple Challenge, as well as the show ring, obedience and agility. Our mutual goal is titles at both ends. Olivers sister Windsong Wine And Roses recently gave us a lovely litter and we see the same abilities in her daughter, Windsong Bluebonnet, sired by Harnett Long Horn BMW, a stocky beautiful son of Ch. Daragoj Crystal Rain. The line breeding here is on the Echo Run, some very talented beagles having been produced there over the years. Carol has also started working with Bonnie at a younger age than Oliver to introduce her to field work, beginning obedience and agility, before we start her show career, and follow in Olivers footsteps.

Some other additions that have pleased us very much is acquiring a son of Ch. Sligrachan Drum to Dallas (Aust. Import) to cross with our girls. His Australian pedigree seeming to "nick" beautifully with our old Kings Creek pedigrees. Ch.Merry Songs Masterpiece, is another young male who has seemed to produce lovely old type and beautiful bodies for us. Our results on using him, have put some amazing bodies even on baby puppies. We also acquired with this fellow a great deal of intelligence, and ability toward multiple titles. We can not wait for these to grow up, as their owners seem delighted with their charming personality, beauty, and intelligence. Special thanks to J.K. Marten and Dana Nichols for allowing us to "borrow" these boys.

We will make every effort to continue the Kings Creek look in our beagles that we love, keep soundness, health and longevity, while adding lines we feel add to our foundation as an outcross. Our method of "proof " before going into the pudding takes a great deal of time, effort, and patience. I feel in the long run it has been a more failsafe approach, than my attempts at other methods in the past.  Instant success has never been our goal, rather the establishment of a line that consistently produces generations of producers known for soundness, health, intelligence and beauty that be relied upon without fail to breeders of our wonderful breed in future generations.

Epilepsy Project

On our Links page you can read about the Beagle Epilepsy project, which is dedicated to finding the gene that causes this disease in Beagles and other breeds.


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