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  Our Story

My goals in breeding Beagles come from the legacy of knowledge shared with me by my grandfather, Charles Hewitt. He bred beagles under the name of the Hewitt pack from approximately 1940 through 1960. He and my uncle Charles, Jr., believed in the dual purpose beagle of yesteryear, and to that end showed in both the field and the show ring. They bred Thoroughbred horses, Beagles and English Fox Hounds.  Consequently what was imparted to me was the absolute requirement of soundness and movement to be useful in anything you wanted to do with the dog, be it field or show ring. They also required the dog to be beautiful and true to breed type with intelligence and a biddable temperament, willing to do whatever the trainer required.......

In short, the VERSATILE Beagle!

To that end, we are attempting to re-create what we remember from those times, and our testing has to come in other ways. So we use the show ring, obedience, agility, pet therapy work, and the hunting field as our modern day testing ground. We hope to impart to you that a well bred Beagle is sound in health, temperament, physical and mental ability and is only limited by his owners imagination in finding things for him to participate in.







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