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  Puppy Care



Parvo Vaccine - Puppy's first shot is always given at 6 weeks
DA2PPC - Puppy' s 2nd Set of shots are given at 8 weeks

Next series are due as follows:
DA2PPC at 3 months
DA2HLP+-PV+C due at 4 months
Rabies at 5-6 months - DO NOT give in conjunction with any other vaccine! We use a 3 year vaccine for rabies, and give it every three years.

Warning: All vaccines can cause allergic reactions in pets at anytime in their lifetime. It is well documented that deaths have been attributed both to the preservatives as well as contaminants in vaccine from the manufacturers. Please do not give more vaccines than are absolutely necessary!

We follow the advice of our veterinarian who highly recommends that every dog be given a 25 mg. Tablet of Benydryl, at least hour before any visit vaccines of any kind.

Strongid-T is given at 2, 4, & 6 weeks of age
My vet worms with Heartguard Plus 0-25 lbs at 8 weeks.

Our puppies actually start Heartworm prevention before they are born, as routine care of their mother is that she is always current on worming and on Heartworm prevention for her lifetime.
Puppies are started with HEARTGUARD PLUS 0-25 lbs at 4 weeks of age.

We recommend Sentinel or Heartguard Plus be given on 1st of month for the dogs lifetime.
This is prescription medication from your veterinarian.

Beagle puppies have been fed Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Puppy.  Adult dogs are fed Diamond All Natural products,  Link to Diamond .

Please feed puppy food only up till 6 months of age. Beagles growth is complete by then, and continuing puppy food only makes them too fat, and sets up obesity for a lifetime of battling their weight.

At 6 months, switch to a adult maintenance formula, such as  Diamond All Natural products, Diamond  or Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Adult. They will continue to fill out, but do not need the extra calories of puppy food.

Expect a complete change of teeth going on constantly up till 5 months of age. Please provide toys and chewies such as Large rawhides (retriever rolls are best rather than knotted versions, and make sure they are big dog size), cow hooves (no smoked or cheese filled, etc, those give diarrhea), rubber toys, or the nylabone gumabones are favorites. As are all fleecy toys, etc.  As with all toys, they should be supervised with them at all times to avoid pieces being broken off or swallowed. Another perennial favorite here is large carrots put in the freezer till very icy cold. This works especially well when pups have swollen tender gums. And the added benefit is a nice boost to the pups vitamins intake for the day.

In hounds, they are best taught housebreaking by using their greatest asset their nose. Provide a cat litter box filled with cedar shavings, and show puppy where you want him to go on a porch or patio for instance to use when weather is bad or middle of the night. Also provide a cedar shavings area outside that you walk him to for use on walks and outings and to transition from house to yard as he grows a bit.

Hang a set of sleigh bells or something similar that makes noise on your doorknob of your outside door. (REMEMBER to only use one door to come and go through with the dog, to use multiple doors confuses the puppy about where to go to tell you he has to go out.) Puppy should learn only 3 words for weeks...."outside", "potty now", and his name. Nothing else is critical to confuse him now with. Ring the bells and say outside every time you take him outside. He will eventually learn to ring the bell by hitting with his nose or paw, to tell you he has to go out.

Most Beagles WILL NOT bark to tell you they have to go out, which is why I teach the bell system. They love doing anything with their paws or noses, so we teach them something useful.

A puppy kindergarten class is ideal if you can get to one locally.





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