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The Beagle is one of the most valuable and versatile breeds ever developed in our opinion. They have shown so much ability over hundreds of years, that we truly have to admire our forefathers minds when they were developing our merry little hounds. Little did they know how they would endear themselves to their owners for centuries to come, and become one of the most popular breeds of all time all over the world. Their sweet temperament, intelligence and curiosity has led them into endeavors beyond field work, to such avenues as the show ring, obedience, agility, pet therapy work, tracking, search & rescue work, sniffer dogs at airports, and likely many more things as people keep discovering new avenues to challenge their Beagle. That the Beagle will be up for the challenge is without question. We have no doubts on that score.

We have included photos on this page of Beagles competing in many areas, to give you an idea that the Beagle is truly only limited by his owner in what he can accomplish with his many talents. A good foundation in obedience as well as positive reinforcement training makes an enthusiastic agility partner!


Jes' Red Son Rising,N.A. "Perry", above & below,  is another agility loving beagle who also likes to go fishing, owned by Marilyn Vandervort




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Ch.Windsong Tripleplay, NA, NAJ, NF  - Handled expertly, and co-owned with Carol McElroy. "Oliver" is now showing in obedience, agility and field work.

Ch.Windsong Tripleplay, NA, NAJ, NF - shown finishing in show ring with 5 majors. With proud handler and co-owner Carol McElroy - More shots of "Oliver" in action below - in agility and hunting!

Windsong Navan Music of the Night, TD, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC, TDInc, READ (Intermountain Therapy Animals), (Left) - Chip is sired by Ch.Fairmont Pirate of Penzance ex Ch. Navans Shaggin on the Blvd

INT & AKC Ch. Windsong Breakfast at Tiffanys, TD, NAJ, CGC, TDInc, READ (Inter. Therapy Animals) (Right) - Holly is sired by Ch.Windsong Absolute Conspiracy ex Ch. Navans Shaggin On the Blvd

Congratulations to Linda Wood on her two very talented beagles. Both are certified therapy dogs, star in the show ring, tracking, and agility.

Chip and Holly are also on our Agility page!

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